Hid first book—Of Course I Love You!—was published (). cover image of YOU WERE MY CRUSH (). cover image of The Girl of My Dreams, Part 6 . Read "You Were My Crush Till You Said You Love Me!" by Durjoy Datta available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get RS. off your first download. You Were My Crush! till you said you love me! book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. “What do you do when the person yo.

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Mar Download eBooks I Still Think About You (PDF, ePub, Mobi) Free Download Sorry You Are Not My Type Novel Pdf You Were My Crush, Book. You Were My Crush: Till You Said You Love Me! eBook: Durjoy Datta. The Boy Who Loved site Edition. Ohh Yes, I am Single: And So is My Girlfriend by. Description: You Were My Crush!: Till You Said You Love Me! by Durjoy Dutta and Orvana Ghai Free EBook PDF, Epub, Mobi Download You Were My Crush!.

Penguin India 1 February Language: Calcutta is a charming city that has stayed in the hearts of everyone who has visited it and has been appreciated and described by various writers.

MM Romance

Amit Chaudhuri visited the city of his birth, Calcutta, in only to find that the Calcutta of his childhood had been replaced by another city which was quite unfamiliar to the city of his memories.

Two Years in the City revolves around the years to and primarily around the elections of The writer explores all facets of the city: The writer takes us on a surreal journey through the streets of Calcutta, invoking very strong visualisation of the city's streets and culture.

They range from the destitute homeless to the urban elite, from new malls to old, dilapidated houses and from the quiet streets to the festivity - filled roads. Two Years in the City by Amit Chaudhur. Verso Books 4 November Language: The rest of the population are ghosts within a system beyond their control.

These are examples of a 'gush up' economy that has corrupted contemporary India.

A Ghost Story examines the dark side of democracy, and shows how the demands of globalized capitalism has subjugated billions of people to racism and exploitation. It is a ferocious attack on the mega corporations that treat India's natural resources like robber barons, and how they have been able to influence every part of the nation from the government to the army in the rush for profit.

But, as Arundhati Roy passionately argues, capitalism is in crisis. The cracks are starting to show in its facade. A Ghost Story by Arundhati Roy.

Kate Smith

HarperCollins 27 October Language: Dark Star: Born in a time when film stars were truly larger than life, Khanna was destined to become not just any film star but the one for whom the term 'superstar' was coined. Born Jatin Khanna to middle - class parents, the actor was adopted by rich relatives who bought him up like a prince.

By the time he won the Filmfare - United Producers Combine Talent Contest, he was already famous for being that struggler who drove an imported sports car. With seventeen blockbuster hits in succession and mass adulation rarely seen ever before or since, the world was at Khanna's feet.

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And then in matter of months it all changed. Mirroring the meteoric rise, Khanna's career hit a downward spiral just three years after Aradhana and never really recovered.

Chronicling the films and the times of Rajesh Khanna, Dark Star looks at the phenomenon of an actor who redefined the 'film star'. Much like a celestial object doomed to darkness, after a glorious run, Rajesh Khanna might have spent a better half of his career in the shadow of his own stardom, but even after forty years of his last monstrous hit, he continues to be the yardstick by which every single Bollywood star is measured.

Rain Light; First edition 21 April Language: An Undocumented Wonder: The Great Indian Election by S. Aleph Book Company 26 February Language: India in Love: Marriage and Sexuality in the 21st Century is a ground-breaking look at the sexual revolution that is beginning to sweep through urban India. Bestselling author Ira Trivedi travelled from Shillong in the northeast to Chennai in the south, Konark in the east to Mumbai in the west and over a dozen other cities and towns, in order to gain unprecedented insights into changing sexual mores, marriage and love in the 21st century.

The book explores the mating habits of young Indians on college campuses and in offices, examines the changing face of Indian pornography and prostitution, probes India's gay revolution and delves into history, economics and sociology to try and understand how the nation that gave the world the Kama sutra could have become a closed, repressed society with a shockingly high incidence of rape and violence against women, the dark underside to the greater sexual freedom that men and women in our cities have begun to enjoy today.

Trivedi goes deep into one of the most enduring institutions of Indian society marriage and investigates how it is faring in modern times. She interviews marriage brokers, astrologers, lawyers, relationship counsellors, 'love commandos', parents and nervous young brides and grooms, amongst others, to present a nuanced picture of the state of marriage in the country.

She discovers that love marriages are skyrocketing and even the age-old arranged marriage is undergoing a transformation.

Also on the rise are divorces, extra-marital affairs, open marriages, live-in relationships and the like. Supporting her eye-opening reportage with hundreds of interviews, detailed research, authoritative published surveys and discussions with experts on various aspects of sexuality and marriage, Trivedi has written a book that is often startling, sometimes controversial, but is always entertaining and original.

India in Love will change the way urban Indians view themselves and one another. Marriage and Sexuality in the 21st Century by Ira Trivedi.

Viking 23 March Language: Her journey to stardom is a unique one.

She started her career with Telugu movies, and eventually went on to achieve widespread success in Bollywood. It is about her experiences gained from acting in movies, and her encounters with some of the most brilliant personalities in Indian cinema like Raj Kapoor, Satyajit Ray, Vijay Anand, and Guru Dutt.

A number of anecdotes are mentioned by Waheeda, which depict the ways in which she approached cinema and life in general. Grapevine India Publishers 22 September Language: You Were My Crush!: It describes his encounter with friendship, love and relationships.

The protagonist of the story is Benoy Roy, who is the son of a rich and powerful man. He's nerdy and lives a carefree life because of all the materialistic comforts he enjoys provided by his wealthy father.

Amidst this fun life, Benoy's mother passes away from cancer. This creates a tensed atmosphere in the house, which gradually strains his relationship with his father. With time, Benoy's father hardly plays any role in his life and is almost non-existent.

Only Him by Melanie Harlow

Soon his uneventful life sees some movement when he becomes friends with his classmate, Diya. Benoy is attracted to Diya's sister, Shaina, when he comes across her profile on Facebook, while adding Diya. You Were My Crush!

They only make you feel stupid and inadequate all the time. Because he is.

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I could almost see tears in her eyes. I pumped my fist. Take that, bitch. Bitchy Lizard. They would come back, I told myself.

I was sure that they would be sorry someday Everything will be all right, I said to myself. Make him suffer! He sees a girl cry because a tragedy has befallen her family and all he can think of is how beautiful she is and how great it would be to spend the rest of his life just looking at her face.

Horrible Grammatical Errors: I cannot believe this book had such a huge amount of spelling and grammatical errors.

Oh yes, I can give proof. Also, random swearing does not make one sound cool, MC. I didn't make the typos. There were many more, but I didn't have the patience to type them all. Plot: Didn't do a lot for me. His ninth novel Hold My Hand released on 5 August The book was commissioned by Hong Kong Tourism Board.

When Only Love Remains is another love story from Durjoy Datta, this one set in the troubled world of an aspiring young singer Devvrat and revolving around a young woman Avanti who has been obsessed with him for a long time. The answer is just as difficult each time This is not it. He is one among the best selling writers in contemporary India.

You Were My Crush!...till you said you love me!

He is a regular at TEDx talks [20] and conferences in colleges pan-India and often invited as a guest speaker across the country. In , he was recognized as the young achiever by The Times of India. He was also chosen as one of the two young achievers in the field of Media and Communications by Whistling Woods International in In , he was one of the recipients of the Teacher's Achievement Awards.

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February Retrieved 30 May Retrieved 1 May Retrieved 25 March The Tribune. Retrieved 31 December Durjoy Datta".Good for people who have absolutely no taste of good books and want to spend their life dreaming about falling in love with a porcelain skin girl, make-outs and nothing more. But one should also realise that there is a flip side of it too. Rule 2: Must obtain permission to accept any date invitation.

Channel Description: Ok I have to discuss the end before continuing on with anything. It is going to happen!

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